#TransLift Feb 2022: Jack!


Meet Jack! They’re a trans, nonbinary, queer, disabled, neurodivergent creator of very cool TTRPG games.

They live on the land of the Ngāi Tahu in Aotearoa (New Zealand), and just their reciting of that to me speaks of their respect for the ancestors of those lands, and the lande themselves. It’s important in many countries to be aware of the land you’re living on – its history, its ancestors, these are all important especially uf they once belonged to a people who were displaced or killed by (usually white) settlers.

Anyway! They started designing games about as soon as they started playing them; starting with D&D 4e, then Monster of the Week, and onto Masks: a new generation.

Their large, ongoing project, Space Legs, grew out of that last one, and As Alien As Possible an Actual Play beta test podcast lives, with more game info, at toyourstations.com. It’s quite rare to have a game beta tested in an Actual Play, and it makes for a good listen if you’re interested in the process.

Since about 2009, Jack’s been releasing content online. They’re heavily influenced by an uneasy relationship with where they brew up, their disability and queerness, and desire to make their games as inclusive and representative as possible.

When not making games, Jack loves podcasts of Actual Plays, design chatter, audio dramas, etc. They’re part of both the Qomrades – an Actual Play about ideals; and they occasionally play or GM for Camraderie (on which their partner does the editing – go team!).

I’ve got an interview with Jack to amuse you with before the month ends. Very important stuff. Super in-depth.

Hah, nah, it’s the same nonsense as usual. Stay tuned!


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