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Continuing the exploration of the sibling’s new musical, awesomeness-in-a-box, Laser, took some time during their busy release schedule to answer some questions on Teaching a Robot to Love and some other things. Read on!

Cover for the album

Hi Laser! Thanks so much for taking some time out during album release week to answer some questions. How are you, Aubrey, and everyone else doing? Excited? Exhausted? Both?

We just shipped about 860 Kickstarter packages for the musical… so we’re a little wiped. But we also had a very energizing picnic launch party with the cast where they all heard the musical for the first time, which was awesome! You’re catching me the day before the musical comes out, which is a little terrifying, but some Kickstarter backers have already heard it and the response has been very positive. 

The musical is called Teaching a Robot to Love. How’d the plot happen?

A couple different places… I started writing assorted robot songs a few years ago… Normal Human Party was one, and a few more that didn’t actually make it into the musical. 

But the musical’s plot itself didn’t come until about 2 years ago, I was traveling, woke up in the middle of the night, and wrote down a story about a girl who tries to teach a robot how to be a person, when she herself doesn’t really know. 

A musical about a robot trying to connect with humans feels like a powerful response to the isolation many of us have felt during the pandemic. How much of that idea motivated the creation?

The musical came before the pandemic, but isolation certainly influenced creation. It spread out the amount of time we had to create it, which meant that the project became a lot larger. We thought it was going to be a little themed album, and ended up with a 20-song, 2-hour stage musical with a full script.

You and Aubrey have been making music together for quite a while, but this is your first musical. Does it feel like a natural progression of your work – a natural new challenge to rise to?

I’ve been trying to write a musical for a while, to be honest, but it’s very hard for me to create something so big. A story that spans 120 minutes is much different than one that spans just 3 minutes of a song. But I really wanted to be able to follow some characters, to show more complexity, and I think this was the right way to do it. Plus, I love musicals. 

You play the robot, Laser, and you’re also non-binary (high five!). I’m guessing these two are somewhat connected?

Absolutely. I have big “brain in a box” energy and get very tired of my Human Body and the expectations put on it. I hate being perceived a lot of the time. So this story, about a robot who actually wants a human body, who wants to be perceived, was very therapeutic. 

Tell us about the main cast of characters!

The story revolves around a group of interns in the fictional bay area. They’re very queer and cute, and they have to compete to get a job (capitalism!) but learn the value of friendship along the way. 

How did you cast this? Were you able to invite people you thought were right for the role, or did you manage socially distanced auditions?

I am lucky enough to live in Los Angeles and be surrounded by extremely talented friends. We brought in the super talented actor/improviser/singers Bonnie Gordon, Xander Jeanneret, Aliza Pearl, and Amy Dallen to read the parts for a test, just to read the script out loud, and they did so well that I immediately asked each of them to be in the cast. Zach Reino was a dream cast — he’s an actor (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Brews Brothers) and writer and also hosts one of my favorite podcasts and I knew he would kill it. 

What would you like anyone reading to know about Teaching a Robot to Love?

It’s great! Give it a listen!

OK! Random question time!

Movies & tv shows – what do you like?

Lord of the Rings and Ted Lasso are what come to mind!

What musicians influence you the most?

Taylor Swift, Weird Al, Kimya Dawson, Jonathan Coulton, Phebe Bridgers – there’s some current and perennial faves. 

What was your first stuffed animal?

Aubrey got me a dragon when I was born. Or maybe a dinosaur? It was blue. 

What’s the best cat breed (big and/or small)?

My cat. Marzipan. She’s a tuxedo.

Favourite comfort food?


What’s something about you that most people don’t know?

I love google docs!

What’s the last dream you remember having?

Oh god. I dreamt my friend got a great job!

Aside from making awesome music – what hobbies do you have?

I’ve been really into sewing my own clothes during the pandemic, it’s a good way to take control away from the evil sizing corporations. 

Last one – favourite item of clothing you own?

I got a new crop top from Big Bud Press that I love. It looks like something Ernie from Sesame Street would wear. I just got another one exactly the same 🙂 

Alright! Thank you for answering all these, Laser!

Thank you so much, Lee!

For more info on the musical – including where to stream & buy – visit


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