So, what is #TransLift?

The creative world is filled to the seams with talented trans folk, of all stripes.

Yet it’s hard to get whatever we create out to more people.

And even if we do – at a certain point the bigots start to pile in, taking away the joy and energy of it all.

So what it #TransLift? It’s a place to share the work of trans creatives who want to see it, who aren’t just here to tear us down.

So here’s the drill, it’s twofold:

First, each month I’m going to focus on one specific trans creative (or group of same, if people are working together). I’m going to invite them to fill out an interview, and I’m going to share what they do and encourage people to check them out, buy from, and share them and their work.

Second, use the hashtag to tweet your own cool stuff, or someone else’s that you’ve come across. I’ll RT those I see, and I encourage you to check it out regularly for new things to see.

And that’s it: boosting trans folk and the cool things we make. If you’d like to be featured, drop me a line on twitter (DMs are open). And put your own work on the hashtag! I’m actively on the lookout, so put yourself where I can see you!