Meeting Meowster!

Sorry for the lateness of this one – my fault entirely. But now I’m here, let’s get to know GenderMeowster a bit better!

GenderMeowster has spent their life ping-ponging between the Pacific North West and other bits of the States, after spending their first 10yrs on a farm. One standout memory has their dad driving them to school in a tractor.

After divorce, both parents moved to the same town, in order to co-parent. This wasn’t particularly well done, and Meowster lost themself to a hyperfixation on school, becoming a valedictorian with undiagnosed autism and ADHD, who was instead given the “gifted” label.

Hiding in their room to read and play games, they coped as well as they could with the chaos of one house and the pretense of peace in another.

They used to play games while watched by their sibling, who would point out things they missed. That, plus a memorable 2 weeks spent on a rod trip with one of their parents, an N64 wired into the suburban, playing Super Mario 64, probably informed their later love of streaming.

They studied at college for a BA in Comparative Religion, with a minor in theater. But, coming out as a lesbian in this environment meant lost friends, and a general crap time.

Meowster shook this off, went on to the Lutheran Volunteer Corps, slowly increasing their gay day by day.

Wanting to be a chaplain, they next went to seminary, but converted to paganism while there after a vision at the end of their first year.

Fortunately a good campus advisor helped them switch to another program, which their credits would allow them to  graduate from in three months.

After this, they spent some time at a loose end, bouncing around wherever things took them, until they accepted a job at the family business, helping with marketing, research and tech – because their grandfather, who owned the business, trusted them more than anyone else.

They spent this time working on their inner self, and the realisation that they were nonbinary.

They met their wife at a summer solstice celebration, and after a first date of tacos, and some careful conversations about how to navigate various body parts, clicked together just before the pandemic hit.

This wound up throwing them together, with Meowster figuring out how to deal with her new partner’s kids (ice cream and dad jokes), and both of them working out how to be with each other.

Happily, that’s all worked out nicely. They recognise the autism in each other, and the difficulties each of them face, and they married in 2020.

Gender Meowster streams every week, Mon-Thur, hosting a comfy, cosy place for folk. Genderful on Mondays interviews a diverse selection of trans folk. Tue & Wed are used for games (currently Stardew Valley Expanded and Pokémon Legends: Arceus). Thurs are used for meme fun, chatting, and playing games with the mods on the monthly Mod Appreciation Day.

And, of course, they couldn’t do any of that without the invaluable assistance of NeferKitty.


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