Let’s Get to Know Mal!

Hi! Thanks for doing this, it’s great to be able to lift you and your art up a little. Tell us what it is you do/create?

I design printables and tools to help newbie Game Guides and players get into the world of tabletop games in a cute and relaxed way. My goal is to fight the gatekeepers with cute aesthetics that is rare to the classic systems. It makes the tools look less intimidating and shows that cute fluffy things can also exist in these games. Its a way of showing people who aren’t into the whole grimdark stuff that yes, you can be here, there’s space for everyone. 

Did anything or anyone in particular get you started, or was it a hobby that just didn’t stop growing?

I used to write a lot in forum roleplays, but as I grew up it became harder to find groups that weren’t 14 year olds with edgy OP characters, so I decided to finally try out playing tabletop gamea. 

I bought the dragon game starter kit and got a few friends together. One had always wanted to be a Game Guide so he got into that role, read all the books and after 5 sessions ditched us. 

I was pretty bummed but tried to find a game online. I got lucky in looking for game in reddit, and found my first group. A few months later the GG of that group ditched us, so I became the GG because I wanted to try it out and everyone was very patient with me. That’s when I really got serious with the game, saw what things were missing for me and started making art for the game. 

What are you working on at the moment?

I’ve been working on Papelchemy, a place where I’ve been posting guides for players and game guides alike to get the best out of the games, relax about the rules and get creative with their characters. I am making a series of fillable formats and prompts to help you learn more about your character and your world, how to develop them, in summary, the creative side of the game that I love so much in fun printable exercises.

What about your work are you proud of?

I love all the little formats I’ve been able to put up in the last months and how cute they look. I am sure ill be able to make a lot of nice printables that will help a lot of people develop their creativity. 

Can you tell us a little about your gender journey?

In Mexico we don’t talk a lot about gender. It’s still a very catholic country, so even homosexulity is a very taboo subject. 

I started meeting a lot of people online, playing in a lot of games, and slowly I started realizing a lot of things that made me realize my gender. 

OK, time for the random questions!

What’s your favourite cheese?

I am more about soft and young aged cheeses, but my absolute favorite is burrata. It tastes amazing with a red wine vinegar dressing. 

What’s your favourite animal?

Im between the axolotl and Jaguar. Both are Mexican and super cute, and both have a significance in Mexica mythology, so I’m not super sure 😅 

Tell us an early memory that makes you smile

This one is a though one since I didn’t have an amazing childhood. I guess it would be the first time I realized I wanted to be an artist in kindergarten. The best drawings were pasted in the window of the classroom for everyone outside to look at, and I decided I HAD to have a painting there. This was all done with finger painting and I remember that was a huge setback for me. I decided to use the tools to my advantage, and switched to making dots with my fingers to make a group of happy caterpillars crawling up some trees. The teacher loved it and pasted in the window and it was one of my proudest moments.

What’s the last entertaining thing you read/watched/listened to?

I’m a very picky reader. I’d say the last thing that really surprised me was the book Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. It’s set in the XIX century and it’s about those two magicians trying to return Magic to England. It was written by a woman imitating the way books were written back then, full of footnotes that show the incredible amount of lore she’s not pouring in the book but rather kept to herself to give life to her world. 

If money and ability were no obstacle, what (aside from your art, because you already are) would you love to be great at? 

I think sales or time management. I’m already making something I love, but I have trouble getting those things out to the world and reaching people, as well as getting organized to complete all the projects I have.

Last thing, is there anything you’d like to say to anyone reading?

The tabletop space is a very nice one compared to others, so don’t be shy to share your stuff and find friends! There are bad people, yes, but just block them and keep looking for your perfect table 🙂

Thanks so much to Mal for doing this. Remember, check out her Ko-Fi – including his shop – at Ko-Fi.com/patymal, and her Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/Papelchemy.


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