Welcome to #Translift: The Doubleclicks

Hello and welcome to the very first #Translift, with The Doubleclicks! More posts, and an interview with Laser, coming over the next month and a bit.

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Now then, on to the reason we’re here!

The Doubleclicks are Laser and Aubrey, a pair of geeky siblings who started making funny, nerdy music back around 2011, with their first album, Chainmail and Cello, released in 2012.

In the last ten years, they’ve created 5 more studio albums, and 3 EPs, along with a number of compilation albums. Their Greatest Hits album is upcoming, but before that?

They wrote a musical! Teaching Robots How to Love is their first musical, and comes in both digital and physical form. 20 songs, and the cutest robot ever invented (yep, even cuter than whichever robot you’re thinking of right now).

The album comes out today, 19th November! So you should definitely go and check it out, right here: https://thedoubleclicks.com/musical

I’ll be back here with more posts, featuring The Doubleclicks, up until the end of December. Follow along on twitter with #TransLift, @leekhulme, and @TheDoubleclicks!


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