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Story: Once Upon a Wolf (Shadow Walkers)

Tucked away in my writing folder, I have a few shorts set in the Shadow Walkers world. As the first two in the series are soon going to be re-released for Kindle, I’m going to share some of them.
Here’s the first one, written a few years ago on request for a now-defunct zine! If you’ve read the books, you’ll recognise some of the characters. If not, don’t worry, you don’t need to :)

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Once Upon a Wolf
by Lee Hulme

The two wolves circled each other, snarling. One was copper coloured, sleek, muscles rippling, as big as a human, down on four legs, crouched and ready to pounce. The other was a dirty grey, rabid and wild, stood on two legs, hunched over, waiting for an opening to strike.

From behind the copper wolf another wolf appeared. This one was black, except for a single white streak down it’s back, and it circled, a step behind the copper wolf.

The grey wolf snarled angrily, turned and bounded off through the trees.

The other two shared a single glance before bounding after it, followed by three other shadowy figures, racing to keep up.
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