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Becoming Me: Being Loved

Phew, it’s been a while. I’ve struggled persuading myself to vlog, and kept putting it off in case I did manage. There will be more in the future, but I think its time to accept that most of the time I’m just happier typing!

Friends, I’ve been busy. I got engaged, and just moved in with my partner!

Some other stuff too but let’s stick with that for now, because it’s what I want to talk about.

I’ve talked before about never really identifying with being a lesbian or a butch. For the longest time I didn’t know what I was, because nothing seemed to fit.

I was only occasionally attracted to people, and when I was, it was usually to a woman who identified as straight. I learned by getting my heart broken for the first time at 16 that it was best to keep that quiet, so I did. Never being attracted to someone until I got to know them meant learning how to do that unselfishly – in the end, I learned to accept it, and just make a friend instead. Continue reading

3 new vlogs

Ok it’s been a little while, had some upheaval going on, but  never fear, I return! 😉

First up, let me catch you up on the lastst Becoming Me Vlogs. I do have the conclusion to With Extreme Prejudice on the way shortly, plus more, but one thing at a time.

First up, the vlog I made to celebrate my 2nd Trans birthday:

2nd, I talked a little bit about binders:


And the last one, on choices and sacrifices made:

Guest Post: Greer, the transgender toilet thing, and why I’m a feminist

Most of you who read this blog are used to hearing my voice, but that’s just one person, there are many other voices that need to be heard, that should be heard, that have the right to be heard, without fear of retribution.

So when a friend sent me this piece, needing to speak but unable to do so for fear of retribution, I there was never a doubt that I would be willing to share it here.

Please pay attention to the words below.

Content note for trans violence, trans issues, mental health, dysphoria.


Hi, I’m a trans woman and I’m a feminist.

Right about now, roughly half the people reading this are moving their mouse to the little red cross at the top right of the screen in disgust, rushing to type letters to the site owner about how completely ridiculous I am and how dare I put this drivel in print and feminist! how dare they and please remove this offensive rubbish and so on.

That’s fine, you aren’t compelled to read this, I’m sad that you won’t but it’s your decision and I respect that. However in light of such reactions and I have seen a lot of them recently, plus the fact I’m not ‘out’ to everyone, I have requested anonymity to protect both myself and my family.

So for those that remain, let me explain why I’m writing this.

Continue reading