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Short Story: Pneuma Kleptis pt.6

Pneuma Kleptis pt.6

by Lee Hulme

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Jas was no closer to any sensible answers when her phone buzzed again. After texting between naps all the way, Ty was getting close to home.

“About half an hour away I think, cuz.”

“Well done Ty, ‘ll wake Sam and we will be at the front of the station to meet you..”

“You’re the best, cuz. Thanks.”

“I’m glad you’re finally able to acknowledge that. We’ll see you shortly.”

Jas woke Sam, brushing off her half-awake grumblings about not being woken earlier and ushering her out to the car.

Arriving at the station, Ty was waiting outside and headed immediately for the car, “By your faces I look about as crappy as I feel,” he said, climbing into the back seat. Continue reading

Freaks & Geek Club: With Extreme Prejudice pt5 [final]


With Extreme Prejudice part 5

by Lee Hulme

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Aaaand part 4!

The man in the fleece jacket shoved his way through the crowd and grasped the older man’s shoulder, spinning him around. As the older man staggered slightly, the man in the fleece jacket snapped the heel of his hand upwards into the other man’s nasal bone, sending it splintering into his brain. The older man jerked once, twice, then dropped.

There was a moment of silence from the crowd, long enough for the man in the fleece jacket to check for signs of life in the older man. Seemingly happy with what he discovered – or didn’t – he stood and turned back to Viscura as the crowd erupted with indistinguishable cries.

Blood served, a nudge from Bonitas made the mob break quickly into a run, back to the safety, and sanity of their homes. Soon, only Lily remained, staring in a bewilderment that sat strangely on her face. Continue reading

Freaks and Geeks Club: With Extreme Prejudice pt4


With Extreme Prejudice, pt4
by Lee Hulme

First, read part 1!
And part 2!
And then part 3!

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Viscura stood in zir cell as the sound of raised voices grew near. Ze tapped on the bars, “Hey! That doesn’t sound good!”

The Sheriff stuck her head around the corner, “We’re covered, don’t worry. Your friends are here.”

Viscura nodded, “I know. I’d ask to be let out to help, but…”

“But you know I can’t do that.”

Viscura nodded again and sat down. Ze was beginning to regret zir snap decision to surrender. It sounded like more people would get hurt, or worse, because of it. But with Bonitas and Millie helping, maybe there was some hope of quelling the fire. And if not, then there was surely something ze could do. Anything besides sit on this concrete-hard mattress and listen to other people fight over zir.

Viscura stood, turning to examine the back wall. The bars were easy, but would take zir into the centre. To lead the group that wanted to kill zir away, ze needed to come from behind; but to get there, ze needed to get through that wall without anyone knowing. With any luck, Millie would come through with something that would cause enough noisy chaos.

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