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Short Story: Pneuma Kleptis pt1

Pneuma Kleptis
by Lee Hulme

A gaunt young man staggered down the busy street, a small circle of space around him. Looking around wildly, he reached for an arm, only to be shrugged off. He reached again, and the arm shook him violently away.

The young man took a few more steps, shaking his head and muttering.

An elderly lady stepped in front of him, bag of shopping hitting the floor as she put both hands up to stop him running straight into her.

The young man allowed himself to be stopped, and he raised red eyes to meet hers.

“Here now, what’s the matter?” the woman asked.

“Do-do you know me?” the young man asked.

“What? You don’t recognise me when you’re not making me coffee?” the woman asked with a smile.

The man shook his head and frowned, “Do you know my name?”

“Of course I do, it’s…er. Well now, I always greet you with it. Seems to have slipped my mind for the now. Oh dear, I am sorry…” the woman shuffled uncomfortably.

The young man began to cry, “I don’t remember either.”

“What don’t you remember, love?”

“Me,” the man sobbed. “I don’t remember me.” Continue reading

Short Story: The Crazy Cat Lady Appreciation Society

by Lee Hulme

In a town.
In an alley.
In the darkness beyond the streetlights.
One by one cats slink from the shadows.
Each one brings with them an item of food, which they place in the centre.
Quietly, they form a circle and wait.

At some invisible signal, they each bow down on their front legs.
A thin miaow escapes each mouth as they curl their legs beneath them, sinking low on the ground.

There is a moment off silence before one cat sits upright.
The attention of the others fixates immediately on that one. Continue reading