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Short Story: The Shredded Note [Shadow Walkers]

It’s been a while since any new Shadow Walkers content. The RPG game I’m building continues slowly as I test it, tweak it, add things, etc. And today I’d like to introduce you to something entirely new, created for the game. It’s a bard, but not as you know it… Continue reading

Story: Not Just A Little Rich Girl [Shadow Walkers]

Wrote this a few years ago for a now-defunct ezine. It’s a fairly simple Shadow Walkers short, but it looks at the background of one of the principle characters – Lana.

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Not Just A Little Rich Girl
 by Lee Hulme
Lana put the last book back on the shelf and yawned. Looking at her watch, she saw it was 10pm and frowned. She had promised herself an early night tonight, but as usual she had gotten caught up in all of the books she surrounded herself with every day and lost track of time.
Sighing to herself, she gave her personal library – a room about the size of a real library, built onto her family mansion for the very purpose – a last appraising look and, closing and locking the door, made her way upstairs.
In bed, she lay with her hands behind her head, thinking about the things she had learned that day. With an indelible memory, such a thing was easy. The difficulty was not in the learning, nor in knowing what she wanted to study, but in tracking down the resources she required.
Her library may look like one of the public sort, but in content it was something quite different. Lana’s interest, indeed her obsession, was with everything supernatural, paranormal, extraordinary. Everything beastly, demon-like and out of the realms of the world most people knew and lived in. To  most, she was a respected and learned lecturer, author and database of all such things. And this she was. But her reasons for being so, ah, now those were not so commonly known.

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Story: By Any Other Name (A Shadow Walkers short)

Trigger warning for self-harm, cutting, suicide.So…the Immerverse is currently doing a show called Freedom Farm (last one this Saturday!), and in the last show there was a moment where I looked at the stream based in the garage, and saw – within the wider scene – the moment below. Something in my brain decided it looked like a ghostly apparition, and I grabbed a screenshot, then wrote this story the next day.
The actress in the picture is the amazing Victoria Hogan, currently playing Rose in the show. So here it is, one new Shadow Walkers story, featuring a brand new character, and a couple of ghosts.

By Any Other Name
(A Shadow Walkers short)
by Lee Hulme

“In here, Miss Sweet, you’ll see it,” James, the house owner, nodded as he pushed the button to raise the garage door.
Ella entered the garage, looking around obligingly, expecting emptiness, prepared to spin something to make him feel better. Instead, her gaze fixed on a figure, sat in a chair facing the back of the garage.

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