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Audiobook Review: Dying For A Duke by Emma V. Leech, narrated by Gerard Marzilli

I don’t write as many reviews as I probably should, so it’s nice to get into it once in a while. You can find this book on Audible.

Disclaimer: this audiobook was received for free in exchange for an honest review

Benedict Rutland, the Earl of Rothay, is disciplined, determined, and has successfully rebuilt his family fortune – with no help from his rather more generous mother (Lucilla) . Life is shipshape, and his betrothed a perfectly sensible match, Miss Theodora Pinchbeck

Then Miss Phoebe Skeffington-Fox arrives, beautiful, mouthy, and showing excellent taste in her expensive acquisitions. As the beloved stepdaughter of a recently deceased uncle, she has been taken in by Benedict’s mother and brings discomfort and chaos in her wake by daring to have a personality.

But worse even than that, suddenly, nothing can be quite what it was as death’s claws begin to grip the family, and Benedict and Phoebe find themselves at the pointy end of accusing fingers. Continue reading

Short Story: That Special Smile

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That Special Smile

by Lee Hulme

 I never meant to fall in love. Meant to? I never wanted to. There was no hole in my heart, no hole in my life, which needed another person. I never really thought about it. Once in a while someone else would enter, move on a step in, or exit a relationship, and I saw it, but I never thought to maybe apply that stuff to myself. I was mostly oblivious to it. I sure as heck never saw you coming.

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