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Becoming Me: Being Loved

Phew, it’s been a while. I’ve struggled persuading myself to vlog, and kept putting it off in case I did manage. There will be more in the future, but I think its time to accept that most of the time I’m just happier typing!

Friends, I’ve been busy. I got engaged, and just moved in with my partner!

Some other stuff too but let’s stick with that for now, because it’s what I want to talk about.

I’ve talked before about never really identifying with being a lesbian or a butch. For the longest time I didn’t know what I was, because nothing seemed to fit.

I was only occasionally attracted to people, and when I was, it was usually to a woman who identified as straight. I learned by getting my heart broken for the first time at 16 that it was best to keep that quiet, so I did. Never being attracted to someone until I got to know them meant learning how to do that unselfishly – in the end, I learned to accept it, and just make a friend instead. Continue reading

Short Story: That Special Smile

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That Special Smile

by Lee Hulme

 I never meant to fall in love. Meant to? I never wanted to. There was no hole in my heart, no hole in my life, which needed another person. I never really thought about it. Once in a while someone else would enter, move on a step in, or exit a relationship, and I saw it, but I never thought to maybe apply that stuff to myself. I was mostly oblivious to it. I sure as heck never saw you coming.

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Story: By Any Other Name (A Shadow Walkers short)

Trigger warning for self-harm, cutting, suicide.So…the Immerverse is currently doing a show called Freedom Farm (last one this Saturday!), and in the last show there was a moment where I looked at the stream based in the garage, and saw – within the wider scene – the moment below. Something in my brain decided it looked like a ghostly apparition, and I grabbed a screenshot, then wrote this story the next day.
The actress in the picture is the amazing Victoria Hogan, currently playing Rose in the show. So here it is, one new Shadow Walkers story, featuring a brand new character, and a couple of ghosts.

By Any Other Name
(A Shadow Walkers short)
by Lee Hulme

“In here, Miss Sweet, you’ll see it,” James, the house owner, nodded as he pushed the button to raise the garage door.
Ella entered the garage, looking around obligingly, expecting emptiness, prepared to spin something to make him feel better. Instead, her gaze fixed on a figure, sat in a chair facing the back of the garage.

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