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Short Story: Pneuma Kleptis pt1

Pneuma Kleptis
by Lee Hulme

A gaunt young man staggered down the busy street, a small circle of space around him. Looking around wildly, he reached for an arm, only to be shrugged off. He reached again, and the arm shook him violently away.

The young man took a few more steps, shaking his head and muttering.

An elderly lady stepped in front of him, bag of shopping hitting the floor as she put both hands up to stop him running straight into her.

The young man allowed himself to be stopped, and he raised red eyes to meet hers.

“Here now, what’s the matter?” the woman asked.

“Do-do you know me?” the young man asked.

“What? You don’t recognise me when you’re not making me coffee?” the woman asked with a smile.

The man shook his head and frowned, “Do you know my name?”

“Of course I do, it’s…er. Well now, I always greet you with it. Seems to have slipped my mind for the now. Oh dear, I am sorry…” the woman shuffled uncomfortably.

The young man began to cry, “I don’t remember either.”

“What don’t you remember, love?”

“Me,” the man sobbed. “I don’t remember me.” Continue reading

Story: One Night in Bedlam…

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One Night in Bedlam
by Lee Hulme

One night in Bedlam, a lone warden escorted a delusional patient to solitary confinement, to punish him for his disruption.

For two weeks, his cries were ignored by those who brought him food: “It’s not me!” “I’m not who you think I am!”

Finally he quieted, and the cell was opened again.

“Given up with these delusions yet, hm? Or shall we have another two weeks?” asked the warden.

The patient shook his head and stayed silent.

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Story: Not Just A Little Rich Girl [Shadow Walkers]

Wrote this a few years ago for a now-defunct ezine. It’s a fairly simple Shadow Walkers short, but it looks at the background of one of the principle characters – Lana.

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Not Just A Little Rich Girl
 by Lee Hulme
Lana put the last book back on the shelf and yawned. Looking at her watch, she saw it was 10pm and frowned. She had promised herself an early night tonight, but as usual she had gotten caught up in all of the books she surrounded herself with every day and lost track of time.
Sighing to herself, she gave her personal library – a room about the size of a real library, built onto her family mansion for the very purpose – a last appraising look and, closing and locking the door, made her way upstairs.
In bed, she lay with her hands behind her head, thinking about the things she had learned that day. With an indelible memory, such a thing was easy. The difficulty was not in the learning, nor in knowing what she wanted to study, but in tracking down the resources she required.
Her library may look like one of the public sort, but in content it was something quite different. Lana’s interest, indeed her obsession, was with everything supernatural, paranormal, extraordinary. Everything beastly, demon-like and out of the realms of the world most people knew and lived in. To  most, she was a respected and learned lecturer, author and database of all such things. And this she was. But her reasons for being so, ah, now those were not so commonly known.

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