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Short Story: Pneuma Kleptis pt.7

Pneuma Kleptis pt.7

by Lee Hulme

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By the time Ty awoke, Jas and Sam were swimming through reams of information, trying to decide what was relevant, what was extraneous, and what was a smokescreen.

Ty was placed immediately in front of the computer to try and recognise the patch of illusitory land he had been held at. After some squinting, he had narrowed it down to 3 that looked similar.

“Well that’s a start,” yawned Sam. Continue reading

Short Story: Pneuma Kleptis pt.6

Pneuma Kleptis pt.6

by Lee Hulme

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Jas was no closer to any sensible answers when her phone buzzed again. After texting between naps all the way, Ty was getting close to home.

“About half an hour away I think, cuz.”

“Well done Ty, ‘ll wake Sam and we will be at the front of the station to meet you..”

“You’re the best, cuz. Thanks.”

“I’m glad you’re finally able to acknowledge that. We’ll see you shortly.”

Jas woke Sam, brushing off her half-awake grumblings about not being woken earlier and ushering her out to the car.

Arriving at the station, Ty was waiting outside and headed immediately for the car, “By your faces I look about as crappy as I feel,” he said, climbing into the back seat. Continue reading

Short Story: Pneuma Kleptis pt.2

Pneuma Kleptis – pt2
by Lee Hulme

Read pt1 first!

Sam shuffled impatiently in her seat, cursing as her knee hit the underside of the wobbly table, slopping tea over the side of the mug as she waited for Ty to arrive.

Ty hurried in, hands deep in the pockets of his jacket, nodding as he passed by to order his own mug of tea, plus one extra. This task done, he sat down across from Sam, hands, red from the cold, wrapped around his mug.

“I swear I’m just gonna sew gloves to your coat sleeves, see if they can last you more than a week before getting lost.”

Ty grinned, “Least I only lose my gloves, not, say, patient medication charts.”

Sam laughed, “Oh one time! One time I did that! And I found it!”

“After we’d made a new one, sure.”

“OK but still. Once.”

Ty grinned then looked past her to the door, nodding a greeting at the new entrant, “Here she is.”

They both stood as the woman walked over, greeting Ty with a hug and Sam with a handshake.

“Nice to meet you Sam, I’m Jas.”

Sam shook her hand warmly and they all slid into their seats, Jas taking the chair opposite Sam.

“How do you know Ty?” Sam asked.

Jas smiled, “He didn’t say? We’re cousins. A number of times removed, but still, we don’t have much family so we make do with what we have.”

Ty nodded, “Yeah, my favourite cousin. The most famous and renowned Jas Achebe, studier of random and obscure epidemics of history.”

Jas shot him a sidelong glance and rolled her eyes. Continue reading