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Freaks & Geek Club: With Extreme Prejudice pt5 [final]


With Extreme Prejudice part 5

by Lee Hulme

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The man in the fleece jacket shoved his way through the crowd and grasped the older man’s shoulder, spinning him around. As the older man staggered slightly, the man in the fleece jacket snapped the heel of his hand upwards into the other man’s nasal bone, sending it splintering into his brain. The older man jerked once, twice, then dropped.

There was a moment of silence from the crowd, long enough for the man in the fleece jacket to check for signs of life in the older man. Seemingly happy with what he discovered – or didn’t – he stood and turned back to Viscura as the crowd erupted with indistinguishable cries.

Blood served, a nudge from Bonitas made the mob break quickly into a run, back to the safety, and sanity of their homes. Soon, only Lily remained, staring in a bewilderment that sat strangely on her face. Continue reading

Freaks & Geeks Club: With Extreme Prejudice pt2


With Extreme Prejudice pt2
by Lee Hulme

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By the time a group of women and men returned to the shack, bearing assorted guns, objects both sharp and dull, and a selection of flammables, Viscura was long gone. The small mob burned the shack to the ground anyway, and slowly dispersed, grumbling softly.

Viscura had fled through the woods, out the other side, and was halfway back to the only place ze knew ze had friends before ze slowed down. Finding a field of quietly grazing cows, ze settled down against the hedge, out of obvious sight, and thought hard.

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Freaks and Geeks Club: With Extreme Prejudice, pt1


Viscura: With Extreme Prejudice
by Lee Hulme

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Three people sat in a windowless room, around a table barely visible through the piles of paper, takeout boxes, disposable coffee cups. All three looked exhausted, their eyes barely open, heads drooping, clothes rumpled. They looked like students pulling an all-nighter before a big exam, except the papers scattered and screwed up in front of them were covered with scribbles far beyond the scope of most people.

The youngest was red-haired and pale, as much from tiredness as his natural skin tone.

The oldest was barely moving, her face craggy, hair grizzled grey.

The third person stretched, rubbing her eyes, olive skin slightly flushed from excess caffeine.

In the middle of the table, coming from a barely-visible device, a holographic image spun slowly. It was human in shape, though neutral in gender. Even in the holograph the figure was strong, and somehow radiated a sense of inner rage.

At least that’s what the third person thought as she looked at the revolving figure. Though that may be because the only contact she had with the full-sized and very solid version of this figure had been short and violent, leaving her unconscious, with a deep scar across the right side of her face. A thought slowly occurred, stumbling through her tired brain until it hit her mouth, “We need to show everyone else what it is, and let them take care of the problem.”

The other two looked up, brains ticking over the sentence and all it implied. Continue reading