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Freaks and Geeks Club: With Extreme Prejudice pt4


With Extreme Prejudice, pt4
by Lee Hulme

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And then part 3!

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Viscura stood in zir cell as the sound of raised voices grew near. Ze tapped on the bars, “Hey! That doesn’t sound good!”

The Sheriff stuck her head around the corner, “We’re covered, don’t worry. Your friends are here.”

Viscura nodded, “I know. I’d ask to be let out to help, but…”

“But you know I can’t do that.”

Viscura nodded again and sat down. Ze was beginning to regret zir snap decision to surrender. It sounded like more people would get hurt, or worse, because of it. But with Bonitas and Millie helping, maybe there was some hope of quelling the fire. And if not, then there was surely something ze could do. Anything besides sit on this concrete-hard mattress and listen to other people fight over zir.

Viscura stood, turning to examine the back wall. The bars were easy, but would take zir into the centre. To lead the group that wanted to kill zir away, ze needed to come from behind; but to get there, ze needed to get through that wall without anyone knowing. With any luck, Millie would come through with something that would cause enough noisy chaos.

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Freaks & Geeks Club: Flubomb pt.1

Lady Bonitas and Inpuritia are back! What’s the evil plan? Can Bonitas even find Inpuritia? Why won’t Millie the genius be like normal people? How much barely-veiled sarcasm can I possibly fit into one little story?

Spoiler alert – the answer to that last one is: “quite a lot” 😉

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Flubomb pt.1
by Lee Hulme
“She’s up to something,” Bonitas muttered, pacing the living room.
Millie nodded absently and continued sketching.
“She’s got a delivery system, something that can withstand an explosion, and a lot of flu virus. What the hell is she gonna do, give everyone flu? That’s ridiculous.”
“Unless it’s altered somehow,” Millie suggested with a shrug.
Bonitas stopped in her tracks and spun on one heel to face her young assistant, “Altered?”
“Yeah, like mutating so it can’t be cured, or extra powerful, or…something.”
“You think?”
“Even just a few million people getting the flu would grind the country halfway to a halt, right? What if those that got it died, because their bodies couldn’t keep fighting it?”
Bonitas stared.
Millie shrugged again, “I mean, she could be doing anything, we don’t know if it’s that.”
“We need to find out. We need to track her to wherever she’s working.”
Millie nodded, “Already on it.”

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Freaks & Geeks Club: The Genius

In which Lady Bonitas gains a jetpack. Because America wants one, and this is her superhero after all. Also I thought it would be cool. So I made up a way to let her have one by inventing a sidekick.
There is another sidekick only I’ve met yet, but you can meet that one later cos this first one is gonna be fun to have around.
Also: more on the evil plot of Inpuritia next time 😉

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Bonitas: The Genius
by Lee Hulme
Bonitas stood in the middle of the road and swore softly, watching the motorbike slide through traffic, around a corner and out of sight. Whatever Inpuritia had stolen from that vault was now out of her reach.
Hearing shouts and horns around her, she waved apologetically and trotted back to the sidewalk then down into an alley, emerging moments later as herself.
“That…is getting old,” she muttered to herself. “I need some way of getting around so people can’t escape like that. Even my car wouldn’t have helped with this one. A motorbike, maybe, but it’s not…not…”
“Cool enough?” came a voice from behind her.

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