Freaks & Geeks Club: The Foundling pt.1

The Superheroes are back! Bonitas and Millie are off to explore the secret lab where Viscura was created.
Thanks as always for America Young for letting me use her likeness for Bonitas, and another thanks to Dove Meir for being very exited at the idea of me using him as a base for a new character.

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The Foundling pt.1
by Lee Hulme

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“So, where’s that lab?” Millie was asking Viscura barely before ze got through the door.

Bonitas shook her head, “Humans usually begin with a greeting…maybe a little small talk…”

Millie gave her a blank look. “I know why Viscura’s here, right, so why waste time?”

Bonitas raised her eyebrows, “I think you might actually just be hopeless.”

Viscura gave Millie a nod, “Need no small talk. Scouted lab, still deserted. Secure, and will be yours. Here is location.” Viscura lifted zir hand to Bonitas’ comms device, which emitted two short bleeps and popped up a holographic map interface, ready to direct.

“Brilliant! Let’s go!” Millie grabbed a bag, stuffed with gadgets and pieces of tech, and looked at Viscura and Bonitas expectantly.

Viscura shook zir head, “Can’t go. Bad memories too much. Maybe visit soon. Call if need me.”

Millie opened her mouth but Bonitas shot her a warning glance and spoke first.

“We understand bad memories, Viscura. Thank you for showing us this place – please, visit soon.”

They left the apartment together, Viscura giving them both a solemn nod before turning and sprinting away, too fast for zir strangeness to be noticeable.

Millie frowned lightly, “I don’t get it. What happened in this place? Why can’t ze go back?”

Bonitas shook her head, “I’m sure we’ll know if ze ever wants us to.”

Millie shrugged, “Yeah. Now how far away is the lab?”

Bonitas looked at her blankly, “How would I know?”

Millie rolled her eyes and grabbed Bonitas’ wrist, “Really need to make me one of these things too,” she muttered before speaking briefly into the comms device and handing Bonitas her wrist back with a nod. “There, it’s finding the place. How far?”

Bonitas consulted the holographic map now hovering above her wrist, “A few miles outside the city.”

Millie stopped dead and threw herself onto a nearby bench, “On the bus it is, then!”


A bus ride and a short walk later, they stood looking at what appeared to be derelict warehouse, with nothing else in any direction for at least a couple of miles.

Millie smiled, “Clever. Never guess a super-tech lab was in there, wouldya?” She made a beeline for the front door, reaching into her bag for a small device and a pocketbook of tools. A few minutes later, she had hacked into the security system using the electronic lock and opened the doors. “Networking. Convenient for everyone,/2 she grinned as she raced inside and stopped dead, looking at the mess.

Inside did indeed a lot more like a laboratory, albeit one that had been completely destroyed.

“Huh. Reckon Viscura did this?” Milllie asked.

Bonitas looked at an old red smear on the wall, “Seems likely.”

“Huh,” Millie shrugged and started moving through the room, picking up pieces and examining them, “Didn’t leave anything useful up here.” She moved further into the compound.

Bonitas followed on behind, opening every door she came to. Storage; offices; bathroom; security room, monitors showing mostly static, except for one or two that flickered occasionally in and out of picture. Bonitas had already moved on to the next room before one of those pictures registered. Frowning slightly, she went back and watched the screen carefully. It looked like a human, or a humanoid at least. They were on the floor, curled up and covered, but not by a blanket. Bonitas leaned out of the door, not taking her eyes from the screen, “Millie!”

“What?” came the annoyed reply.

“You need to see this!”

“See what?”

“It looks like a person…with wings.”

Before Bonitas could say another word, Millie was next to her, peering at the screen, her mouth slightly open, “No shit. Where is that?”

Bonitas shook her head, “LB2, apparently.”

Millie nodded, “Lower Basement floor 2, let’s go! Don’t wanna risk the elevator but stairs’re up here.”


Down in the lowest basement there was only one door, at the end of a short corridor. Millie stared at the lock with bemusement “‘Lectronic locks on everything else. Big fucking manual vault lock on this one.”

Bonitas raised an eyebrow, “So…if someone were smart enough to break into all the hi-tech stuff, they’d probably be too smart to think of bringing something to break one of those?”

Millie looked at her rolled her eyes, reaching into her bag and removing a small aerosol can and a hammer,  “Yeah. Well. Shows what they know.”

Bonitas moved backwards as Millie sprayed the lock, the aerosol freezing it in an instant. With a sharp smack from the hammer, the padlock shattered and fell to the floor.”

The door was stiff, and rust flaked to the floor as it groaned open. Inside, the wing-covered figure shifted uneasily.

Bonitas held up a hand to Millie, who was already vibrating with the desire to examine the figure. She took a few steps inside and crouched, speaking gently, “Hey there. I’m not here to hurt you, I promise. I just want to know if you’re ok.”

The wings rustled slightly, but stayed firmly wrapped around the figure.

“My name’s Bonitas, and my friend is Millie. Someone we know told us about this place – I think ze used to live here. Viscura?”

He figure moved, at the mention of Viscura’s name. Slowly it lifted its wings, stiff and dry with underuse and lack of nourishment, revealing what looked like a human male. He opened cracked lips, his voice little more than a dry croak.

“I’m sorry, I can’t-I can’t hear you,” Bonitas raised her hands to show her harmless intent and moved closer.

The croak came again, “Vis-cur-a?”

Bonitas sat back on her heels and smiled, “Yes. You know Viscura? Ze helped us.

Millie silently passed Bonitas a bottle of water, and she opened it, holding it out in front of her, “Would you like a drink?”

The figure nodded, slowly pushing himself upright with shaky arms. He took the bottle and carefully tipped some into his mouth, his eyes closing in ecstasy as the fluid raced through his parched body. The bottle empty, he licked his lips and spoke again, a little more clearly, “Thank you.”

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