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So, you should know the drill by now – there was random twitter conversation (Steve this time), it made something perk up in my head, then I wrote a random daft story.
Worth noting, Lady Bonitas is a character I made out of America Young a little while ago when, for no reason other than it amused me, I wrote her a superhero origin story (the first time I’ve ever made up a superhero, as it happens). This comes somewhat later on when, between starting to get the hang of her new powers and meeting her sidekick, she encounters the first of the major evil opposition that she was warned about: Inpuritia, who bears oddly familiar characteristics to our heroine…

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Sources – a Lady Bonitas story
by Lee Hulme
Lady Bonitas shook her head at the youth on the ground. His head was bowed under her gaze, which forced him to feel a portion of the pain his cruelty had caused others. Beside him, a young girl lay, pale-faced and confused.
“Do you understand?” Bonitas asked gently.
The youth nodded and lifted his head as the pressure from her gaze eased.
Bonitas smiled, “Good. Then we-“
Another voice interrupted.
“Would you like to see the other side of what you just felt, boy?”
A figure stepped from the shadows. Her face, her figure, even her movement was identical to Bonitas. Only her dress and colours made a difference between the two. Sneering briefly in Bonitas’ direction, she turned her visor to the boy, who tensed for a moment, then slowly began to smile.
Lady Bonitas stared in shock as the boy stood and turned towards her counterpart. “I want that.”
“What?” Bonitas managed to ask, stepping forwards.
“Power,” came the response. “The power to shape the world and the people in it, without the guilt that you offer,” the stranger turned to Bonitas and sneered, “Your kindness means nothing. This boy is mine.”
“And who the fuck are you?” Bonitas asked angrily.
The figure smiled and beckoned to the boy. “You may call me Inpuritia. As to who I am…” she smiled, shrugged, and disappeared back into the shadows. By the time Bonitas approached, they were gone.
She turned back and knelt by the young girl, “Are you injured?”
The girl shook her head and sat up, “No, you-you stopped him.”
Bonitas looked off into the shadows, “I stopped him this time. Whoever that was…” she shrugged, “Come on, where do you live?”
She walked the girl home in silence and retreated to a dark corner where, closing her eyes and breathing deeply. When her skin ceased to prickle, she stepped back into the light. Now, instead of the green, red and blue outfit so familiar by now to the media, she wore jeans, black trainers and a pale yellow shirt. Instead of the visor, she wore a pair of chunky red glasses. Lost in thought about this new enemy, she walked home.
The next day, after sleeping late, Bonitas set out for the nearby coffee shop to buy her regular injection of caffeine.  Walking past an electrical store with tvs playing in the window, she stopped, stepped backwards, and turned. She was unable to hear the sound, but the visuals and text were enough. The girl she has saved the night before had been found dead by her housemates that morning, posed on the living room sofa. The only clue they had to go on, it seemed, was the word “Kindness” written on the wall behind, in her own blood.
Bonitas forgot about coffee, forgot about everything, and flew back home, where she paced the rooms restlessly, waiting for night to fall.
As soon as it was dark, she left her apartment and walked to an alley a few blocks away, where she breathed deeply, feeling her costume rise through her flesh and cover her in anonymity. Face grim, she set off to hunt for Inpuritia.
All night she walked, looking for signs of her enemy. Finding nothing, she returned to the alley at dawn, exhausted. Entering her apartment, thinking only of her soft bed, she let out a cry of surprise to see Inpuritia seated on an armchair in the living room. Instinctively, she brought out her costume and prepared for confrontation.
Inpuritia smiled and stood. She produced a small shard of some glasslike material. As she held it out, it began to glow.
Bonitas’ eyes widened as breathing became difficult. Hitching a breath, she tried to speak. No sound came out of her mouth, but Inpuritia smiled anyway.
“I know the sources of your powers, Bonitas. Better than you do, I’ll bet. The potential of goodness, kindness, of all the awesome the people of the world possess and can choose to use. Without these, what are you? Nothing.”
The shard thrummed faintly as Bonitas collapsed to the floor.
“I call this a NegAwe shard. It drains everything that powers you from the vicinity. Oh, it’s only close-range, this one, but you’re gonna love the toy I’m building. It’ll do this…but on a much larger scale. Like the whole planet. Take enough away, your powers don’t just leave temporarily like they have now…take enough away, you die. And when you die…so do the plans of the creatures that gave them to you. The future of the human race is what I am tasked to shape it into. You are merely a…minor hurdle from a small group of rebels.”
“The…the girl…” Bonitas gasped. “The…boy?”
Inpuritia laughed and put the shard in a pouch at her side, “Yes, yes. The boy killed the girl. Had some fun with her first too. Oh he’ll be feeling a touch guilty right now, he’s not dully drained yet after all, but that won’t last for long.”
Bonitas, fought through the weakness the shard had caused and rose to her feet. “You…will…fail…”
Inpuritia looked at her for a moment, then threw back her head and cackled with glee, “Oh, Bonitas. You are the last effort of a dying potential future. With you gone, there is no more rebellion. Look around! Where are the things you seek? The things you preach? No, you hopeless, pathetic fool, I cannot fail. I have already won.”
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