Story: One Night in Bedlam…

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One Night in Bedlam
by Lee Hulme

One night in Bedlam, a lone warden escorted a delusional patient to solitary confinement, to punish him for his disruption.

For two weeks, his cries were ignored by those who brought him food: “It’s not me!” “I’m not who you think I am!”

Finally he quieted, and the cell was opened again.

“Given up with these delusions yet, hm? Or shall we have another two weeks?” asked the warden.

The patient shook his head and stayed silent.

“Good. Now let’s get you to your room.”

The patient silently allowed himself to be escorted.

As the door swung shut with a clang, he dropped to his knees.

As the lock snapped home he touched his face with his hands and stifled a sob.

As the warden strolled away, whistling, the patient curled up into a ball, telling himself over and over again “I was never a warden here. It’s all fake. I was never a warden. It’s all fake. Never a warden. All fake. All. Fake.”


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