Short Story: Pneuma Kleptis pt.7

Pneuma Kleptis pt.7

by Lee Hulme

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By the time Ty awoke, Jas and Sam were swimming through reams of information, trying to decide what was relevant, what was extraneous, and what was a smokescreen.

Ty was placed immediately in front of the computer to try and recognise the patch of illusitory land he had been held at. After some squinting, he had narrowed it down to 3 that looked similar.

“Well that’s a start,” yawned Sam.

Ty looked over at Sam and Jas, “Alright you two, time for sleep. I’ll catch up on what you’ve got here and we can figure out what to do when everyone’s a bit rested.”

Jas slid sideways on the sofa, “Only one bed, I got this, go Sam.”

Ty tugged Jas upright, “It’s a big bed, you can share, come on.”

Jas and Sam trailed to the bedroom and Ty shut them in to sort out their sleeping arrangements. Returning, he settled in to read through their notes.

“Hello, Ty,” a voice spoke in his head.

Ty dropped the notepad and flew to his feet, looking around, “You! Where the fuck are you?”

“I am outside. Let me in. Do not wake the others.”

Jas opened his mouth to refuse, then found his feet moving towards the door, his hand reaching out to open it, “What the fuck?”

The robed creature swept inside, the door swinging closed behind it, “You are mine, now. Did you think I let you go for nothing? I have need of allies in the world.”

“What do you want?”

“Your help. Your help to finish my feeding, so I can go back to sleep.”

“Nope,” Ty shook his head wildly. “Nope. Not now, not ever, nope.”

The left sleeve of the robe rose towards Ty and something thin and dry brushed his cheek. With a stifled cry, he sank to his knees as he felt his face contract and split open. Warm blood dripped down his neck to his shoulder, soaking his shirt.

“I do not need your willing participation, but it would be easier for you if you gave it. You and our friends have made my feeding time difficult, and I am running out of time to finish. You will help me find the remaining minds I require. I have four, as you have discovered. Find me three more, and I will release you, unharmed. Disobey and I will hurt you, your friends, your family, anyone you love, and then I will take control of you and force you to find them anyway.”

The robed hand reached out towards Ty’s cheek again and brushed gently against the wound before the creature swept towards the door and out of the apartment.

Ty raised a hand to his cheek, finding no injury. He ran to the bathroom to check – no cut, no blood, nothing. “Mind gamey freak,” he muttered angrily and returned to the living room. The laptop beckoned him, the creature’s final words echoing. Would it be so bad to give it what it needed? Three minds to save so many lives?

Ty shook his head fiercely and paced up and down, hand brushing idly at his uninjured cheek.

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