Short Story: Pneuma Kleptis pt.6

Pneuma Kleptis pt.6

by Lee Hulme

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Jas was no closer to any sensible answers when her phone buzzed again. After texting between naps all the way, Ty was getting close to home.

“About half an hour away I think, cuz.”

“Well done Ty, ‘ll wake Sam and we will be at the front of the station to meet you..”

“You’re the best, cuz. Thanks.”

“I’m glad you’re finally able to acknowledge that. We’ll see you shortly.”

Jas woke Sam, brushing off her half-awake grumblings about not being woken earlier and ushering her out to the car.

Arriving at the station, Ty was waiting outside and headed immediately for the car, “By your faces I look about as crappy as I feel,” he said, climbing into the back seat.

Sam nodded, “Probably. You want to tell us now, or after food and sleep?”

Ty thought for a moment, then launched into an explanation of what happened. “I should be able to find the place again, I opened up GPS right beside the field, should be stored,” he finished and lay his head back, exhausted.

“Sam and I can look into that, while you get some rest,” Jas replied, ushering him into Sam’s flat. “Would you like to eat first or sleep?”

“Sleep, cuz,” Ty was already making his way to Sam’s bed. “I’ll eat anything you put in front of me when I wake up.”

Sam closed the bedroom door quietly as Ty crawled beneath the duvet and instantly fell asleep.

“I’m sorry you wound up being base camp,” Jas said.

Sam shrugged, “It’s a bit cramped but we’ll manage,” she unlocked Ty’s phone with the code he had given and opened up Google Maps. In the history was, indeed, a place neither of them could properly pronounce, in a sparsely populated section of North Wales. Both the map, and Street View, showed nothing but an empty field with a rickety fence. It was the sort of field you saw in deserted country, nothing to glance twice at.

“I wonder who owns it,” Sam mused. “It has to exist on the books somewhere, right?”

“I wonder if that matters – for the moment, I mean,” Jas replied.

“Well we’ve got nothing else to do for the moment, it can’t hurt to have information, I’ll see if I can find anything,” Sam shrugged and began hunting for information on the field, and surrounding fields. If someone owned them, there would be records, information, something.

Jas nodded, “You are correct, of course, the more information we possess, the better. I will see if I can find any connections to the things the Being told Ty. Something that old, or someone who believes themselves to be so, is unlikely to have gone entirely unremarked.”

Sam nodded and collected a handfulof tupperware boxes and snacks from the kitchen, as well as begnning a large pot of coffee, “May as well stay fueled, then. Ty’s probably gonna be asleep for a while.”

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