Prompt Short Story: Hold On

Hold On


Lee Hulme

Gemma’s mouth dropped open, “What the hell?”

Karen started in surprise and stood, the bleeding body at her feet momentarily forgotten, “Oh. Hey. Just, uh, completing my contract.”

“You’re an assassin?!” Gemma squeaked.

“We’ve been friends for literally two days. Why are you so shocked?”

“I just thought I’d get a normal friend for once.”

Karen raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean ‘for once’? You wind up with many assassin friends?”

“No,” Gemma admitted, “But I wind up with lots of weird friends. I don’t know what I’m saying! And I’m not the one here who just got caught killing someone!” she tweaked the ends of her dark ponytail around her beck, almot as if to protect it.

Karen scratched her head with the tip of the knife, then scowled as she remembered she had yet to clean it, her light brown hair now stained red, “Well you weren’t exactly meant to find out. Not like this anyway.”

“I just watched you kill my professor! The only one, to boot, that ever made bloody logic trees seem even a tiny bit bloody logical! That’s all you have to say?!” Gemma gesticulated wildly as she spoke. “So? Fucking now what?” Continue reading

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Prompt Short Story: New Who?

New Who?
Lee Hulme

“New Year, new me,” he said, raising a glass in his empty apartment and counting the chimes in his head. The door flew open on the twelfth chime and the next him entered, slight and tall, dirty blonde hair sheared close to his head, a mirror image of himself. Where this one, or any of the others, came from he never knew. Who he replaced, he never knew. Why? Not a clue.

All he knew was that in a few more years he would be free, with a pardon for his crimes and a lot of incentive in his bank account to keep him from committing any more.

But when the new him entered, it was time to leave. His bag was packed – a simple travel pack, all he was ever permitted to take.

He stood, drained his drink, nodded at the new him, and left, closing the door more gently behind him than it had been opened.

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Audiobook Review: Dying For A Duke by Emma V. Leech, narrated by Gerard Marzilli

I don’t write as many reviews as I probably should, so it’s nice to get into it once in a while. You can find this book on Audible.

Disclaimer: this audiobook was received for free in exchange for an honest review

Benedict Rutland, the Earl of Rothay, is disciplined, determined, and has successfully rebuilt his family fortune – with no help from his rather more generous mother (Lucilla) . Life is shipshape, and his betrothed a perfectly sensible match, Miss Theodora Pinchbeck

Then Miss Phoebe Skeffington-Fox arrives, beautiful, mouthy, and showing excellent taste in her expensive acquisitions. As the beloved stepdaughter of a recently deceased uncle, she has been taken in by Benedict’s mother and brings discomfort and chaos in her wake by daring to have a personality.

But worse even than that, suddenly, nothing can be quite what it was as death’s claws begin to grip the family, and Benedict and Phoebe find themselves at the pointy end of accusing fingers. Continue reading

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