Becoming Me: 2 years on T

It’s 2 years today, since I had my first injection of testosterone. I remember all the hoops and all the hassle it took to get that far, sometimes I despaired of ever getting anywhere, as my dysphoria got worse and worse the more things went wrong.

But here we are, two years down the line. I’m currently on an 11 week cycle of Nebido, which is a fun, viscous fluid that has to be injected into my butt cheek. In case the viscous fluid part didn’t clue you in, let me tell you: that shit stings! Continue reading

Becoming Me: Trans Visibility day again

It’s that time again. That time where people announce trans visibility day and hope to raise enough awareness of themselves, that the people who can’t stand up and shout are still given a voice. 

Trans people are still dying. Still being killed for being trans – and its still trans women of colour taking the lead. 

Trans people are still committing suicide – and it’s still trans teens that are the most vulnerable. 

Trans people are still being beaten, abused, fired, evicted, disowned, rejected, and told they can’t even go tk the bathroom.

Trans people are still being told that they are monsters, freaks, predators, deluded, suffering from mental illness.

Trans people are still being erased by governments who pass bills to allow discrimination, by companies and healthcare providers who forget that not only cis women menstruate, and who refuse to listen when we speak. 

Trans people are still cast out of what should be safe places, by non-intersectional feminism. 

Trans people are still fielding questions about the legitimacy of their private parts and hormone levels and whether they’re trans enough or passing enough. 

Trans people are still being kicked down, by cis people who think being asked to use correct pronouns and not deadname them is somehow about taking away the freedom of those cis people and, not about giving freedom to the trans person. 

Trans people deserve better. 

Please help me to make the blog I write next year reflect that. 

Short Story: Pneuma Kleptis pt.5

Pneuma Kleptis pt.5

by Lee Hulme

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Ty opened his eyes to see a hooded figure pacing the room. Head pounding, that was all he could take in before a groan escaped his lips and the figure turned to him, hood sliding back slightly.

The face under the hood was pale and hairless, their eyes a soft, gold-flecked brown in the iris, surrounded by bloodshot red. Their teeth were straight and white as they offered something that was half-smile, half-grimace. When they spoke, their voice was lyrical, lightly accented, and hypnotic. Ty’s headache faded on the first syllable.

“I warned you to stop,” they sighed.

“You really thought that crap would work?” Ty asked.

They sighed again, “I hoped it would. Once upon a time, it would have. I suppose I’ve spent too little time around people, the last few generations. You’ve changed faster than I expected.” Continue reading