To Tame the Wolf

Β Tame_cover_kindle

They are those who walk in the darkness to protect those who live in the light. They keep the demons from our closets and the monsters from under our bed. This is Jodhi’s story.

Attacked by a werewolf, needing to control the wolf that will rise within her, Jodhi joins the bizarre but friendly group of strangers that rescued her.

They are the Shadow Walkers, and theirs is a hidden world of witches, demons and magic.

Cam; telepath. Menw; mage. Alnthea; vampire. Lana; researcher. Julio; empath. Jodhi’s new friends must find a way to stop Sanse, another were wolf, once one of them, and the witch Arlene from releasing the ancient demon Bian from his prison and into this world.

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