A Rotten Core


Fairytales. Myths. The lie of eternal happiness without consequences, without effort. The rotten core that feeds the impossible story.

Here is a collection of stories that bring the rotten core to the surface.
Stories where the happy ending is anything but guaranteed.

Each story in this collection explores the rotten core of fairytales and myths, the lie of eternal happiness and consequenceless action.

Meet the real Snow White, and her stepmother. They’re not who you think.
See what Narcissus was really staring at in that lake.
Discover how the little pigs really defeated the wolf.
Find out what happens when the selfish young Goldilocks disturbs the lives of three bears.
Follow the quandry and tragedy of eternal life.

Hear the true story behind the witch with her gingerbread house.
Meet Goirsal, a fairy and brothel owner who you do not want to mess with.
Remind yourself that curiosity killed the cat. And the world.
And meet the princess who hasn’t slept since a prince with a fetish woke her from a deathly sleep.

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