Interview: Rudes Tamalas of Hound Comics

Hound Comics is an indie company that is definitely worth paying attention to. They’ve grown since their inception to encompass a large variety of style, genre and media, with a strong base in fan relations. Highly recommend checking them out, and I’ll be talking to a few of them over the next few months, so stay tuned.First into the gauntlet is the multi-talented Rudes Tamalas, who kindly answered a few questions for me. Take a minute to read, and admire some of his artwork.


1) Introduce yourself – what should we know about who you are and what you do?

Hi, names Rudes Tamales.  I am a comic book penciler, colorists, inker, and letterer…basically a one stop shop.  I can draw in just about any style requested.  I have been drawing since I was a kid.  I got into comic books when I was 19 and have been doing it ever since.

2) Tell us a little about your current project(s) – what are you up to at the moment?

Well, I just recently completed the penciling for Critical Mass with Hound Comics.  It was recently released to the public earlier this year.  I am currently working on a few projects with Hound Comics (Kids Coloring Book, and weekly web comic). Recently I have been added to Mercenary Art Studio as well and am working on some Iron Man Cards and Pinup Girl Cards, they will be released later on this year. I run a weekly script for my local newspaper in town. On the side I am working on my Batman “Bombs Away” script, that I wrote myself.  Progress can be found on this link, this will also lead you to the majority of my art and what I have to offer as an artist.

3) How did you get into what you’re doing at the moment – where did you start, and how did it lead you here?

Like I said before I have been drawing since I was young. I’ve always loved super heroes and telling stories.  I started learning the basics on anatomy, perspective, buildings, and animals. I basically, had to find out how I could draw anything and everything imaginable. Overall, I dedicate most of my time making my art better


4) With the ever-increasing number of people out there – tell us why you’re one of those we should be paying attention to?

I’m pretty adaptable, flexible, and can land any style that is requested.  Meaning, I don’t stick to just one look as an artist, I keep my horizons open and I don’t allow myself to be blocked in on one style.

5) What projects have you got under your belt, before this one?

I’m still getting my name out there.  Hound actually gave me my first project “Critical Mass”.  Before this project, I was just studying, drawing, and practicing.

6) And what’s coming up in the future – what can we look out for and be excited about?

The Hound Coloring book, Hound Weekly Web Comic, Merc Pinup cards, and weekly posts on my FB account.

Brim Panel 1

So there you have it – keep an eye on Hound’s website, twitter and facebook, and on Rudes for some good things to come!

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