Guest Story: Conscience vs Loyalty

Over the past few weeks you’ll have seen my writing prompt stories. These are coming from a small group of friends, of varying levels of experience, who I’ve gathered together to help each other improve.

Of the group, Matthew is the least confident and least experenced in his writing, so I’m proud to see him improving and very pleased to be asked to post his most recent story. With his permission, I’ve done some basic proofreading over it to ensure smoothness of reading, but it’s all his. Please enjoy.


Conscience vs Loyalty

by Matthew Carr

She gripped the rim of the porcelain sink and tried to steady her hands. She arched her back, leaned forward and lifted her head up looking into mirror trying to see her reflection through the cracks. “Not again,” Katt said.

Her sister Gwen sat on the edge of the bath, wearing her black dress and smoking a cigarette. “I’m sorry to do this to you, but you’re the only one I can turn to, the only person I can trust,” she said calmly.

Katt snorted. “The one person who won’t turn you in more like. Look at it, there’s blood everywhere. How are we going to cover this up?”

“Together?” Gwen said taking one last puff on her cigarette before putting it out in the bath.

“No,” Katt said sternly stomping her right foot into the floor. “I can’t do this anymore, I’m… I’m calling the police.”

Katt turned and began leaving the room when she felt the tug on her arm.

“Please no. You know what they’ll do to me,” Gwen said holding her sleeve.

“Put an end to all this, I can’t cope with this anymore, I can’t keep cleaning up after your… fun.”

Gwen turned Katt to face her and placed her hands on her shoulders. Sweetly, calmly she said, “Please help me, we’re sisters, and sisters are supposed to look out for one another, aren’t they?”

Katt’s face became a mess, emotions playing out hard across her features, her conscience and her loyalty doing battle against one another. Her face contorted, she gritted her teeth hard, placed her hands on her head and bent down, and finally, a moment later, there came the scream.

After a few seconds Katt stood up, exhaled loudly, and looked her sister in the eye. No was going to be the answer.

“One last time,” was what came out, “One. Last. Time.”


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