GameThoughts: Assassins Creed (1, 2, Brotherhood & Revelations)

Alright, so it took me about 3 tries but I made it through the first Assassins Creed game.

After the first 3/4 missions I mostly did this by ignoring the repetition of the sidequests and just following the storyline, stabbing a bunch of guys in the back and running hell for leather across the rooftops, hiding for a few seconds, then dropping into the den. Repeat this for however many missions there were.

The ending was better, proved more of a challenge, and I was down with the story – which was the only thing which made me come back to try again a couple of times, and kept me going till the end of that one.

The other thing were reassurances from those who had played further that the next games did improve, became much less repetitive and more enjoyable.

So, I played AC2. Much better. Did all the side quests and missions and everything, got a little bored towards the end but again, the story kept me interested. Weird as it became, the story kept me interested. Even through the missions that I, frankly, loathe, and was unable to ignore, I kept playing.

After some debate as to whether to skip right to AC3 or play the other 2 Ezio games, I went with Brotherhood. Pretty much the same again – some of the missions made me groan in frustration before I even started them, and some I went “Screw that” and ignored.

Now on Revelations. The improvement of making some things optional for 100% sync lets me enjoy the game my way more than the others – I’ll happily creep around and stay undetected, for example, but I also swear a lot less when I slip and get spotted. The mechanics are definitely improving, though the controls sometimes still feel clunky – but I know that most of the times I fall to my death are from the same total lack of spatial awareness that stops me playing platformers. I suck at jumping! I do enjoy the parkour though – one of my favourite games in recent years was INfamous (not played the second yet, but liked the first enough to max out on everything and play both sides of the coin). I like Cole best mostly because I can fall from great heights without dying 😀

Other than the completely INSANE thing that they did with the Templar Awareness levels – where EVERY DAMNED THING YOU DO raises the meter, and they’re removed the posters entirely while cutting down drastically on the number of heralds mean spending half my time running around looking for some git to bribe cos I bought some medicine or rebuilt a shop.
That is driving me nuts, but otherwise I’m enjoying myself.

In general I am the person who likes completion – I want to do the side missions, climb all the viewpoints, find all the glyphs, etc. I’ve learned that in these games, sometimes I just need to forget it before I get too annoyed, and keep with the story – which, weird as it still is, is keeping me entertained.

I may take a break before AC3, play something radically different, depending on my mood, but I will play it.

The finer points of this story:
1) Skip the first game. Find a decent plot synopsis, read it, go right to the second.
2) Ignore the side missions that drive you nuts, they’re not necessary – and, again, you can easily find videos, walkthroughs and so on to give you anything you miss.
3) For the main storyline quests which drive you insane, just power through them if you can. I’ve done that, and the quests are at least varied enough that the ones which drive you nuts will mostly be over and behind you if you just get it done.
4) The story really is weird. But it’s cool, and interesting.

And just as a random aside, the super-improved graphic levels from one game to the next also amuses me.

That’s my take on the AC series so far, anyway (minus 3, till I’ve played it). They are pretty good games, once I stop facing my completist side off with my annoyed side and just have fun 😉
Oh, also, women that can also be assassins. Women that can also be badass. Women that can be good, bad, and ~almost~ everything the men can be. I’ve seen worse representation in games, and kudos for not making the female assassins wear next to nothing and/or flash their cleavage everywhere (because, you know, boobs may be cool but they’re bad for keeping yourself unnoticed).

OK I’m done, back to the game :)

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