Game: Dishonored

So I finished playing Dishonored (Xbox 360) last week. High Chaos playthrough, and I saved the kid at the end.

I like that the world around me changed with my actions. More weepers and more rats the more guards I killed, a darker ending, even the boatman’s action on the final mission. It’s a step up from games like Fable, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, which give you the option, change the odd mission, maybe how you look, but don’t affect the wider universe, depsite the major tasks you’re performing.

I like the added level – it’s why I’m enjoying the open-world, always-on games that are starting to arrive. What you do affects everything else, and that’s becoming the new thing, in solo, multiplayer and mmo.

Loving it.

Although, I’m playing Assassin’s Creed now – the first one, which I’ve never gotten all the way through before getting tired of the repetitive mini-missions. That problem aside, the actual assassinating is practically easy compared to some of what I had to do in Dishonored.

I have never died so many times – so often trying to do the same thing – or swore so much at a game as I did with Dishonored. Explaining that I really enjoyed the game seems to confuse people, given how much “GRRR” I did at it.
I’m not traditionally the most patient gamer. I like to dive right in and start hitting things, not spend 5 minutes peeking out from behind a barrier to guage the guard patrol patterns so I can sneak past. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the change of pace, but it does take a mental adjustment for me to be sneaky rather than bold. It’s a challenge! I die, I retry, I succeed. Inbetween times, I’ll hurl the odd insult, at myself or the NPCs or whatever. Doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying myself – you can tell when that happens because I stop playing! – it’s just how I react, shake off dying for the 9th time in a row, and go back in.

I know that not everyone understands this, but it just means the game was challenging me, and that’s a great thing!

Had a good time playing Dishonored death and all. It was a game I wanted to keep playing as much to finish my story as for the gameplay. That makes it for me – good, character-driven story that I care about. It’s a mark in common of all my favourite games, plus a story I really want to finish can keep me playing to the end of a game I’m not loving!

In short – I liked. Even the occasional swarm of rats coming to eat me didn’t detract from that. Especially when I ate them right back πŸ˜‰
So, now playing Assassins Creed 1, I’m about halfway. Have 2 as well, and some others as yet unplayed, so what comes next will decide on mood.

Given how much I play games, I rarely blog about them. I don’t really want to review, many others do a better job of that than I ever will, but I love chatting about it. I should just sit down and do this a bit more. End for now :)

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