Final Fantasy XIII 1 + 2 & Lightning Returns – a few thoughts

I am…super excited about Lighting Returns. I’m watching for every picture, every bit of gameplay info, and I can’t wait.
I’m no journo blogger, though, just a gamer, so I recommend checking out stuff like this for the infos:
Edge article
People are iffy about it, because it’s a huge change – again – from the older FF games.

But 13, part 1 and 2, have been the same. Think about it.

FF 13 introduced the Paradigm battle system and the Crystarium skill leveller. It tied you to corridors for the first 11 chapters before throwing you into a huge sandbox, with a bunch of missions, more corridors for every main quest section, and a bunch of monsters you can’t even begin to beat yet!
And FF 13-2 – more Paradigms, whole new world, whole new sets of monsters, and the EPIC confusion of the time paradoxes and trying to unlock everything. Still some corridor-type play, but a lot more open.

I loved the Paradigm setup. OK it gets a little boring when having to grind, or when you hit the point where you’re better than all the bad guys you’re currently fighting, but in a more challenging fight it was so much fun to play with. Yes, the corridors were a pain, I’m with all those who like to go off and explore, hit side quests, poke into every corner. Getting to Gran Pulse and having my first look around there was very much a “Yes!!” moment because I finally felt a little freer. I spent hours running through Cie’th stones before even looking where the next quest marker was.

I got so tangled up in the time paradoes of FF 13-2, and that got occasionally frustrating, but I loved what they did with it. Add in the DLC extras for it, and that game was fantastic.

Alright, so the endings on both left tons of questions and took some – gasp – THOUGHT to try and make sense of. But:
a) that’s what the sequels are for. Don’t judge the story until you have the entire thing
b) I don’t want to be spoon fed the exact thing I’m meant to think. Let me use my imagination a little and your game will stay with me a lot longer than blocking off all avenues of thought.

I don’t care that they aren’t like the previous FF games. Come on! The gaming world changes – systems, gamers, style of play, expectations – that the FF series is being allowed to move along with it: risking the wrath of long-time players, risking failure, improving as it goes…

I’m totally behind Square Enix on this one, and props to them for daring to change it up.

Looks like Lightning Returns is going to be a similar departure from all that came before. Solo combat, gorgeous and hugely open world, outfits and more realtime battle…
I can’t wait to give this game a go. So much so that I’m replaying the first two!

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