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Short Story: Pneuma Kleptis pt.5

Pneuma Kleptis pt.5

by Lee Hulme

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Ty opened his eyes to see a hooded figure pacing the room. Head pounding, that was all he could take in before a groan escaped his lips and the figure turned to him, hood sliding back slightly.

The face under the hood was pale and hairless, their eyes a soft, gold-flecked brown in the iris, surrounded by bloodshot red. Their teeth were straight and white as they offered something that was half-smile, half-grimace. When they spoke, their voice was lyrical, lightly accented, and hypnotic. Ty’s headache faded on the first syllable.

“I warned you to stop,” they sighed.

“You really thought that crap would work?” Ty asked.

They sighed again, “I hoped it would. Once upon a time, it would have. I suppose I’ve spent too little time around people, the last few generations. You’ve changed faster than I expected.” Continue reading

Becoming Me: Top surgery recovery pt2!

Content Warning – FTM top surgery described

So hey, I’m now abut 9 weeks past my surgery, and after the last post where I went into the details, I thought now would be a good time to talk about the less technical stuff.

As I write, the incisions are closed up nicely. The two sections where I had problems are a bit thicker than the rest, but they’re mostly out of sight and the rest looks pretty good. Needs a bit of time to flatten out and get less red but I’m confident it’ll do that.

I saw the surgeon again a couple of weeks ago, and she’s happy too.The left is a little bigger than the right,but that may sort itself out, and if not they can suck out the excess fat. I’m back next September to take another look, at which time she’s said we can discuss anything else I want doing.

Meantime, I’m back to the gender clinic in January to followup with them. Continue reading

Becoming Me: Post-surgery

Content Warning: surgery, top surgery, dysphoria, post-surgery photos

So here we are, now 21 days post surgery. There aren’t that many easy-to-find accounts of exactly what this bit is like, so I thought I’d add my experience to the mix. So expect a long post, and feel free to skip the boring bits :)

As ever, this is me only, everyone experiences it differently and will have their own challenges, but if it helps someone understand,or someone going through or about to go through it feel a little easier, then I figure I did my job.

Last note before I start, there are some post-surgery pictures in this post, and they’re not pictures everyone will want to see. Anything like that I’ve hidden behind a clickable show/hide link, so you won’t see anything you don’t want to. Continue reading