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Short Story: Pneuma Kleptis pt.7

Pneuma Kleptis pt.7 by Lee Hulme Read pt 1 Read pt 2 Read pt 3 Read pt.4 Read pt.5 Read pt.6 By the time Ty awoke, Jas and Sam were swimming through reams of information, trying to decide what was … Continue reading

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Becoming Me: Beardy beards and the Trans Folk Who Notice Them

Before we start here let me be very, very clear – I have MANY thoughts on gender coding and stereotyping and similar such nonsense. That’s a much more intense post for another day, and I’ll happily talk about it elsewhere. … Continue reading

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Short Story: Pneuma Kleptis pt.5

Pneuma Kleptis pt.5 by Lee Hulme Read pt 1 Read pt 2 Read pt 3 Read pt.4 Ty opened his eyes to see a hooded figure pacing the room. Head pounding, that was all he could take in before a … Continue reading

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