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Audiobook Review: Dying For A Duke by Emma V. Leech, narrated by Gerard Marzilli

I don’t write as many reviews as I probably should, so it’s nice to get into it once in a while. You can find this book on Audible.

Disclaimer: this audiobook was received for free in exchange for an honest review

Benedict Rutland, the Earl of Rothay, is disciplined, determined, and has successfully rebuilt his family fortune – with no help from his rather more generous mother (Lucilla) . Life is shipshape, and his betrothed a perfectly sensible match, Miss Theodora Pinchbeck

Then Miss Phoebe Skeffington-Fox arrives, beautiful, mouthy, and showing excellent taste in her expensive acquisitions. As the beloved stepdaughter of a recently deceased uncle, she has been taken in by Benedict’s mother and brings discomfort and chaos in her wake by daring to have a personality.

But worse even than that, suddenly, nothing can be quite what it was as death’s claws begin to grip the family, and Benedict and Phoebe find themselves at the pointy end of accusing fingers. Continue reading

BAMF Girls Club – webseries review

BAMF Girls Club was one of my favourite things that happened in web shows last year. The folk at Comediva areย  a collection of funny and talented people, and BAMF was my introduction to them.

The premise is pretty simple: Michonne (The Walking Dead), Hermione (Harry Potter), Lisbeth (Millennium Trilogy), Katniss (Hunger Games), Buffy (Buffy) & Bella (Twilight) all move into a shared house together. Cue the collision of completely incompatible worlds.

The first episodes started good and just got funnier. The main Comediva crew behind it are Vickie Toro, Emily McGregor, Linda Yvette Chavez and Erika Cervantes. What I’ve come to learn about these women and the rest of Comediva, both individually and together, is not just that they’re funny, but that they have a serious passion and mission to just spread as much laughter as they can. It makes for some good stuff, of which BAMF is a key part!

The casting is ridiculous. What you have is a group of people, each of whom is capable of owning and controlling any room or any screen: but instead of taking away from each other as you might expect, they somehow fit together into a whole picture.
Add the fact that they get so far into who they’re playing that I promise you won’t be able to watch or read anything again without trying to picture them in that character.
Add again the practiced comic timing.
What you have is something that makes me laugh and giggle nonstop all the way.

One of the best parts isn’t just the funny, it’s that this is clearly done by people who are fans – the jokes from each individual character canon are brilliant :)

The cast, by the way, are Aliza Pearl (Michonne), Amanda Troop (Hermione), Iselle Slome (Lisbeth), America Young (Katniss), Michelle Lang (Buffy) and Stephanie Bentley (Bella). They’ve all done/are doing other good stuff which is definitely worth checking out.

The first episodes of BAMF were followed by a kickstarter campaign, which I had wondered whether to expect, and joining that was one of the coolest things I got to do all year. The Christmas messages took away any possibility that the new episodes won’t be even better than the first few – and they are on their way (cue a very excited me)!

Added bonus to the eps were the Facebook conversations – I love these as much as the episodes. I recommend watching one ep, then reading the statuses, as that’s how they were designed, but here they are:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

I have come to expect great things from Comediva and their network (and to enjoy exchanging sarcasms with some of them on twitter). BAMF was my introduction to that, and led to a whole bunch of other things, so I have extra love for it, and for them. Showing it to people who have never even thought about watching webshows before has proved entertaining – and successful. If a show on medium new to someone can hook them in the way this has, that says a lot about it.
Also the fact that I’ve laughed so hard I’ve woken up housemates (including the 1yr old), sprayed coffee on my laptop, and, when unwell, gave myself a coughing fit so bad I almost turned blue – that’s a good sign too :)

Can’t wait for the new episodes. Also can’t wait to see what Comediva keep doing!

Troy Blackford: “Critical Incident” and “Emerging Pattern” – book review

Troy Blackford’s “Critical Incident” and “Emerging Pattern” are the first two in the “Critical Incident” trilogy. Having read them one after the other, it seemed to make sense to review them together too.

Critical Incident
It picks up right away with an intriguing hook, which pretty successfully made me not want to put it down until I knew what was happening! Blackford writes very simply, almost deceptively so, as he drags you in to soemthing which starts off at a high pace and just keeps going. Despite that I reached a point where I guessed what was going on and who the big bad was, I didn’t enjoy the read any less.
As for the end, well it leaves you in no doubt the the next one is going to be bigger, faster and more in depth.
A short read, but a good one.

Emergent Pattern
As expected, this one is bigger right from the start. More in-depth characterisation, a much more ambitious setup and execution. Even though, if you’ve read the first book, you know who is doing this and why – exactly what they’re doing and hope to accomplish, and how they plan to do it, is wide open. Blackford manages to keep thigns hidden quite well, until it’s time to reveal them.
Another good read, and again, I expect the next one to be even bigger than this one!