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Story: Mattus’ Tale

Inspired by the person I’m going to play in the Immerverse as tonight, for their show about aliens – see the text for the link. For more short stories, click here! Mattus’ Tale by Lee Hulme I have this friend … Continue reading

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David Gaider – a man who speaks sense!

I am more and more impressed with David Gaider and Bioware. Really. I worked out a while ago that I’ve played every Bioware game, and seen the progression over the years of the gameplay, the writing, and the character interaction. … Continue reading

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Game: Dishonored

So I finished playing Dishonored (Xbox 360) last week. High Chaos playthrough, and I saved the kid at the end. I like that the world around me changed with my actions. More weepers and more rats the more guards I … Continue reading

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