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Freaks & Geeks Club: Viscura – Origins [game]

Welcome to the newest installment of the Freaks & Geeks Club, and it’s a special one. I made a game! Remember Viscura? Zir origins have been touched upon briefly, but there was much more of a story there than could … Continue reading

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Birthday bash – links list

2nd Annual Online Birthday Bash was yesterday. Predictably, it was a bit of a youtube fest again. After last year, I kept track of the random videos I played – off my own head and by request. So, here they … Continue reading

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GameThoughts: Assassins Creed (1, 2, Brotherhood & Revelations)

Alright, so it took me about 3 tries but I made it through the first Assassins Creed game. After the first 3/4 missions I mostly did this by ignoring the repetition of the sidequests and just following the storyline, stabbing … Continue reading

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