The Awesome Autistic Guide for Trans Teens – Yenn Purkis & Sam Rose

First the usual preface: I haven’t been a teen in a good few years, however I am trans, and have some undiagnosed but pretty clear autistic traits. I know many folk who are both trans and autistic – and of course the discussion about whether this is correlation or causation or both continues apace. What’s clear, it that many teenagers are both trans and autistic. But there is a severe lack of information and support available for these folk. This book exists to try and redress that balance.

It’s a good book to read. Even being two decades out of my teens doesn’t mean I can’t learn both something new for me, and something new about the folk around me.

The authors do a really good job of bringing the issues and questions trans and autistic teens might have into the light, and looking at them properly. For all that it’s a fairly short book, it covers a lot of territory.

That does mean it can’t cover things deeply, but that’s not a fault. It aims to be a jumping off point, and that’s exactly what it provides.
The Awesome Autistic Guide for Trans Teens was released on 21st June 2022. You can pick it up at Amazon UK or US, or your favourite bookseller or library.

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