Birthday bash – links list

2nd Annual Online Birthday Bash was yesterday. Predictably, it was a bit of a youtube fest again.
After last year, I kept track of the random videos I played – off my own head and by request.
So, here they are:

That was the whiskey
Everything changes
Croft fan film
Skyrim: Into the void
8 Sided Forum interviews – Erin
Dating service Commercial
Bane Cat:
Gmale and Siri: A Love Story
Portal: If I Were A Core
Geek Therapy
Geek Quotient
Improv Everywhere
Matrix in Real Life
Lord of the Rings in real life
Carrie – Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise
Evil Scarecrow
Pretty in Geek
Ronnie Barker – Piss Minunciation society
Four Candles
My Blackberry is not working!
Morecambe & Wise
Andre Previn sketch
Kenny Everett
Cupid Stunt
Sid Snot – Snot Rap
Victoria Wood – Let’s Do It
Hannah Brackenbury – The L Word
Two Ronnies – Mastermind
Barber Shop
Morecambe and Wise – Breakfast sketch
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