Becoming Me: Top Surgery Incoming!

Its tiiiiiiiiime! Over 3 years after coming out as Trans, I’m finally due for top surgery! *tiny dance*

Something about having to sit and wait for a date after getting approved made me get slowly more and more antsy and dysphoric. Realised at one point I hadn’t left the house in a week and a half. Being so close and still stuck waiting, ugh…

But I can be done with that after Thursday!


OK, it’s gonna be a little sucky. Major surgery, and pain, and recovery, are not good things. But you know, that’s the price of being able to look at myself in a mirror and see me, not a misshapen body that doesn’t fit. Especially since being on hormones started to change some things, the disconnect between my head and the rest of my body has been hard and depressing.

Yeah, I’m a little anxious about the surgery, but I’ve been more anxious on a constant level for a long time. But things are going well, for the moment, in general. Surgery is about to happen. Got a nice house and a fiance – and a cat. Day job and creative stuff is happening. I even have my parents back.

And soon, I’ll be able to look at my chest, and see – and understand right down in my gut – that it’s a part of the rest of me. I can’t wait for that.

So I guess, I’ll see you on the other side!

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