Becoming Me: A Transgender Journey

It’s been a little while now since I came out as trans to…well, everyone, and the list of blog posts I’ve written has grown since then. On top of which, as I begin my transition, I’m expanding a little into instagram to add some photos into the mix.
I figure I can do two things here:
1) Help me as I go through changes and get used to everything, and work through any issues.
2) Help someone who doesn’t know much by giving them one trans guy’s view of the world.

Alright, so let’s jump in!

Want the instagram account? Go for it – I’m Geekilee. Say hey!

Got a question? Cool. Email me, or drop a comment on a post.

Want the blogs? Great! Here’s the list, newest at the top:
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Want the vlogs? Ace! Same deal, here y’go:
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