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Audiobook Review: Dying For A Duke by Emma V. Leech, narrated by Gerard Marzilli

I don’t write as many reviews as I probably should, so it’s nice to get into it once in a while. You can find this book on Audible.

Disclaimer: this audiobook was received for free in exchange for an honest review

Benedict Rutland, the Earl of Rothay, is disciplined, determined, and has successfully rebuilt his family fortune – with no help from his rather more generous mother (Lucilla) . Life is shipshape, and his betrothed a perfectly sensible match, Miss Theodora Pinchbeck

Then Miss Phoebe Skeffington-Fox arrives, beautiful, mouthy, and showing excellent taste in her expensive acquisitions. As the beloved stepdaughter of a recently deceased uncle, she has been taken in by Benedict’s mother and brings discomfort and chaos in her wake by daring to have a personality.

But worse even than that, suddenly, nothing can be quite what it was as death’s claws begin to grip the family, and Benedict and Phoebe find themselves at the pointy end of accusing fingers. Continue reading

Short Story: Pneuma Kleptis pt.9

Pneuma Kleptis pt.9

by Lee Hulme

Catch up: Pt.1     Pt.2     Pt.3     Pt.4     Pt.5     Pt.6     Pt.7     Pt.8

The creature didn’t sleep, not during the feeding cycle, but it could grow tired, and it often needed to pass time. Over the centuries it had learned to enter something akin to a doze. Sometimes it even dreamed. Sometimes the memories it couldn’t find while awake showed themselves again.

The creature, buried beneath its cloak, drifting peacefully, heard a familiar word being called. It was a few moments before it recognised the word as a name, and a few more before it recognised the name as its own.

“Melita!” the voice called again, filled with kindness but tinged with annoyance.

Melita found herself crouched beneath a cloth-covered table, feeling the urge to giggle. As footsteps entered the room she remembered why: an apple, stolen from her mother’s kitchen, the core still held in one hand.

“Melita,” the voice said softly as the cloth was lifted and a dark-haired woman with an, olive-toned face appeared. “Did you eat it already?”

Melita nodded, holding out the eaten fruit.

“Then no treat for you today. Out! You have extra work to do.”

Melita groaned but crawled out and stood, brushing herself off. Her cotton garments were loose and comfortable, her sandals snug, and her hair – a soft brown, much lighter than her mother’s – was tied back at the nape of her neck. Continue reading

Short Story: Pneuma Kleptis pt.8

Pneuma Kleptis pt8

by Lee Hulme

Catch up: Pt.1     Pt.2     Pt.3     Pt.4     Pt.5     Pt.6     Pt.7

Sam awoke to find Jas’s head on her shoulder, sleeping peacefully. After a moment of careful consideration, Sam stayed where she was, not wanting to wake Jas or end the moment of closeness. She allowed her mind to drift back into a doze, the extra rest welcome.

Jas’s sleep was not as peaceful as it seemed. She ran across a field in the dark, tripping over lumps of soil, twisting her ankle and running through the pain. She heard no sounds from behind her, but still she knew she was being chased. Her breath tore through her lungs as she kept running, hoping for something ahead to give her safety.

She glanced back for a moment, still seeing nothing in the darkness, but in that moment she ran into something solid, and rebounded to the floor, where she scurried backwards as she looked up to see what she had run into.

It was a figure, one which would have been tall even were she on her feet, cowled in a dark robe, face hidden beneath a heavy hood. As she watched, frozen on the ground, it reached towards her, the hand which slipped from the sleeve bony and pale. Continue reading