Prompt Short Story: Touched



Lee Hulme

Swallowing the urge to flip the switch in her head that would make her instantly forgettable the moment someone stopped looking at her, Nyasha opens the door a crack and attempts to slide through.

The tips of her toes get caught in a small gap between the floorplate and the floorboard and she stumbles forwards.

The jubilant tavern crowd falls silent as the human patron enters, crashing bodily into the group of rowdy drunken dwarves nearest the door.

The dwarves stand the human upright and laugh raucously, before dismissing her and returning to their drinks.

Nyasha hangs her head, silently berating herself, the urge to be forgettable returning strongly. But she can’t this time. At least, not yet. Not until she can be sure the information will go to the right place and bring the right person out to her.

The innkeeper looks up at her with a guarded smile, flicking a grimy cleaning rag over one shoulder, “Help ya, miss?” Continue reading

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Prompt Short Story: Next Generation

Next Generation

Sara trudged home from work through the melting snow, boots tramping what remained down into the packed ice below. Headphones on, she listened to music without really hearing it, her mind otherwise occupied.

Two days previously, her mother and her 13 year old brother had vanished. Or at least, it was two days since she had gone over for her usual Sunday dinner visit, letting herself in with her key after no-one answered her knock, and found the house empty.

She searched the house from top to bottom, looking for a note. She checked emails and texts and spoke to neighbours and a couple of family members and friends of her mum she had numbers for, but nobody knew anything.

Eventually, exhausted of people to call, and from lack of food, she ordered takeout and slumped on the sofa. Continue reading

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Writing Prompt Story: Super Inconvenient

Super Inconvenient


Lee Hulme

Marc hefted the weights smoothly, up and down, watching his muscles ripple in the one-way window. He knew he’d never have the diamond-cut physique of one of those arrogant strength Supers – they had something of an unfair advantage after all – but he worked hard to look good, and he enjoyed the fact that his efforts showed. Continue reading

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