Becoming Me: Being Loved

Phew, it’s been a while. I’ve struggled persuading myself to vlog, and kept putting it off in case I did manage. There will be more in the future, but I think its time to accept that most of the time I’m just happier typing!

Friends, I’ve been busy. I got engaged, and just moved in with my partner!

Some other stuff too but let’s stick with that for now, because it’s what I want to talk about.

I’ve talked before about never really identifying with being a lesbian or a butch. For the longest time I didn’t know what I was, because nothing seemed to fit.

I was only occasionally attracted to people, and when I was, it was usually to a woman who identified as straight. I learned by getting my heart broken for the first time at 16 that it was best to keep that quiet, so I did. Never being attracted to someone until I got to know them meant learning how to do that unselfishly – in the end, I learned to accept it, and just make a friend instead. Continue reading

Short Story: Pneuma Kleptis pt.4

Pneuma Kleptis pt4
by Lee Hulme

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“If anything approaching the word ‘aliens’ leaves your mouth, I will punch it,” Jas warned as they walked from the cafe, headed nowhere in particular.

Ty slammed his mouth closed in a hurry and glanced at Sam, who was looking decidedly curious. He gave a theatrical sigh and ginned at Jas as she glared back, trying to conceal a smile. “Aw, ya love me cuz.”

Jas mused, “Sometimes.”

Ty snickered.

“My cousin here managed to watch Invasion of the Body Snatchers when he was still young enough to be innocent and impressionable,” Jas paused, “Well impressionable anyway.”

Ty flashed an impish grin.

“So for months he was diagnosing everybody as a pod person. Then came Men in Black and The Thing and Aliens and the Lord only knows what else, and every time he decided it was real.”

Ty shrugged, “Hey, you don’t know it’s not real. Not really. You’ll be lookin for help when they try and take over, and I might just let you get munched.” Continue reading

Orlando: It Doesn’t Happen in a Vacuum

Content warning: violence, shootings, bigotry


Guns & hate. Guns & hate. Guns & hate.  Guns and abuse and violence. Over again, the same targets, the same reasons. Women and the LGBTQIA. Over and over and over and over. The Orlando shooting isn’t alone, it’s in a helluva lot of company.

I cry over and over. For the women being raped and blamed while their rapists are given a pat on the head and sympathy for how badly it might affect their lives.
For the women and trans women murdered by men so stuck in toxic masculinity that they can’t handle their own fear.
For the trans people who commit suicide because it’s better than being hated and feared and called a freak and a danger to others.
For the women who can’t walk home alone or get down the street without being harassed.
For everyone trying to be true to themselves in a world which keeps telling them they’re nothing.

But I’m also angry. Fucking furious, if I’m honest. Because none of it happens in a vacuum. Continue reading